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Powered by American Natural, our business-sized snack boxes will surprise and delight your team. Save time with online ordering and have unique, affordable, customizable snacks delivered straight to your office or their door. Motivate remote employees or stock up the break room in minutes. 


From healthy to indulgent, our offerings include difficult-to-find goodies and iconic throwback brands, each one selected by our picky and snack-passionate team.



Order online, and get your snacks 3 - 5 days later. It's that easy.



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Each crafted box offers a balanced assortment for any snack situation: Working from Home, Stress Eating, Water Cooler Break and Brain Food. Make any box gluten-free or dairy-free. Keto options too!


The perfect way to please a diverse team

Tell us what you like, and let our team of snack experts select a delightful, personalized mix of our best, most popular and exciting snacks. 


Theme Boxes

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